Trip To PNG

in PNG 1/10/11 – 4/10/11

preached and saw a woman healed of headache and chest pain all pain gone.

Man shot in arm by police pain left (can’t remember if all or just some), then presence of God fell so much love he started weeping, turns out he was a backslider, really beautiful presence of God.

As Nick preached, I heard Holy Spirit telling me to preach on Jesus’ return so I did, and also on forgiving and loving your enemies etc.

Then Nick told me that night he was really stirred to preach on the rapture and second coming, and the next day at church the pastor preached on the rapture and second coming!!! Saturday night dreamt about Christian brother struggling with spirit of lust. Saturday felt such religion in missionary home and that night in prayer room felt like the Lord was standing in the room with me. When we would preach, there would be crowds of people. It wasn’t like here, there would be probably a hundred or more just stand there and listen, they clapped for us all when we would preach too some of them.




Beggar on street had been given wrong medication and went paralysed in face and had to beg. He had been a missionary years before. We didn’t see instant healing but we were looking for him each day to keep praying for him.


First woman we prayed for, she had TB i think, and she had been unable to pee or poo normally, had to be carried to and from the toilet, and she was totally unable to poo, also hadn’t been able to walk etc. She had pain either side of her body, after we prayed over her all her pain ended up leaving (we had to pray a few times), then she hadn’t been able to lie on her face and she could, then she stood up and her leg would shake, then we would rebuke it and the shaking would stop etc, and she walked, the following day she was way stronger and pain was all gone. Grace, a little tiny skinny girl had all her pain healed. A man who had diarrhoea with blood when he tried to eat, he had pain in the tummy and his pain was all healed. He told us we have to come back the next day like really kept asking please come back. On the Tuesday he said diarrhoea all gone pain all gone. He was starving he needed food, we gave him special protein/vitamin drink we had. He basically was saying he wanted to go to church because God gave him a miracle. Stanley was in ward and we suspect he had been a rascal, he was so emaciated he looked like he was a starving man.  Nick gave him testimony of how Jesus saved him when he was a rascal and Papa God im likim yu tumas, ie God really loves you, his eyes lit up, we prayed over him his pain was healed, he had no wontok ie no family bringing him food etc, he was really glad we came, and the following day he was just glowing, we gave him a pidgin Bible cos he didn’t have one. He was glowing. Another man he didn’t get healed or much improvement so am still praying for him for his nerves etc to work properly cos he just randomly lost ability to
walk and was really weakened, they would say the doctors didn’t even know the cause. Just witchcraft haha.

prayed for woman Dudi in mental ward, I didn’t pick up much, but then Nick said the Holy Spirit told him that I had a word for her so i waited on the Lord and He showed me a beautiful delicate crystal shaped thing like ornament and it was
shattered. And I felt the Lord say she had many hopes that were destroyed, and that God wanted to restore her hope. As Lloyd prayed for her for that I saw a bitter root and asked if she had to forgive anyone and then she told us her husband burnt her house, she had four kids none of which she could afford to send to school, and I think pretty much none of the church people helped her, so she had a lot going on, we led her in prayer of forgiveness for those
people. Please pray for her family – Puka, Geno, Gena, Eunice, Rosa and Willy for them to have a house and to be able to afford to go to school.


Went to the jail, after Nick and Lloyd (A Papua New Guinean brother) preached, from what I could see the entire lot of men said the sinner’s prayer!!! We laid hands on a man who had just been bashed by the police and prayed, he didn’t have any healing at the time but I could feel we didn’t release enough faith so it was our fault haha. Another man apparently was there for trial for murder. Out the front of the jail a man we had prayed for the day before with leg pain, said he was healed except a liklike (little) pain remained so we prayed again, he tested it, all healed. He testified he had had this pain for 12 years and now he was healed.

Mary healed of back pain, she had seen us preach and was really blessed. She was a beautiful woman.  One man in particular had pain in chest right down to knees and back I think, God healed him in each section quite quickly, he was really happy another one his eyes were just glowing and he was really excited he was healed.

A woman was healed of one ear was damaged after she had been bashed by her husband – she couldn’t hear far away, Jenny/Jinny her name was. So we commanded it to be opened etc and she was completely healed. Then when Timothy, a man saw that she was healed, he came up and said if God could heal her He could help him be free from his addictions, he was a rascal he drank/smoked/betel nut etc. So we prayed, felt the presence of the Lord, but I know I had a lot of doubt about if he was fully healed. So a few hours later we were back at the hospital, and he came to us and told us I think from what i understood from his pidgin, that he had had a sleep and when he woke up he was absolutely delivered (he’d said
salvation prayer too), and he just didn’t want the taste or anything. He said he used to smoke something like 16 big ‘brown’ smokes a day or in the afternoon and he just didn’t want anything. He was really excited about it.

Gilbert was stabbed please pray for his healing and for Marseis for his complete deliverance.

Another woman in hospital so skeletal said she didn’t have visitors, we prayed for her, rebuked the swelling in her belly and commanded healing etc. Afterwards, the presence of God just fell and I then asked Lloyd a national to ask her if she  had pain. She said she had been healed of the pain where I had had my hand on her side, and then she had some left on other side and on her back and we rebuked it and it all left. Then I asked him to ask her if I could hug her and she cuddled right into me, and then it was like I could feel her soaking all the love out of me. I really have deep compassion for that woman.

What I can’t stress enough is like we have literally lost count of how many were healed – it was literally one after the other, it got to the stage we were weak from hunger and had to go, like no one was yelling for prayer, but I think if we stayed
more would have come. A man in a wheelchair we saw we prayed for him too can’t remember what it was but he was fully healed of all his pain, and to me that was a significant one because I think he had been involved in some rough stuff. One woman had had pain for two days and two nights in her knee, some prayed for her and she didn’t get healed so we prayed again and had to pray about 4 times and it was all healed. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Another woman they prayed 3 times and no change in pain, we had just seen two healed really quick of back pain so we laid hands and after two laying on of hands she was completely healed. I want to tell you that it is different there, like at times, I can’t explain how it is, but it was like my entire body every cell was filled with Jesus, I could feel His fire in me even to my fingertips, it made me understand that verse where Paul said, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” It felt like that, it felt like when I was touching people Jesus was doing it through me. Sometimes I would feel this POWER in me so strong and I knew if I could release it it would completely heal every single ailment in them, but I seemed to not know how to release it really fast? Twice we had been praying and they were having this gradual healing, and then Nick told us we had to leave, so we would lay hands on again and really fast command it to leave the pain and body to function and then they would have their healing like really quick. hahahaha.  Prophesy doesn’t seem particularly common there, and when I had a few words for a few of our brothers, there was a lot of things that seemed to try to block prophecy. Please pray for that to be
broken. We asked any Christians in the crowd to come and lay hands with us, because we know it is nothing to do with us it’s all Him. We had Mary lay hands on a woman with back pain after she had been healed herself and she was also
healed. I gave a few words to the men through the native men and they really were encouraged like you could see they felt really cared for by God. Also very shame culture so I spoke that over the mike, I said, ” I tell you that if you have asked for forgiveness and I bind and break all shame off you in Jesus Name.” something like that, I preached also on meeting eachother’s physical needs, and also that I have seen people richer than they could imagine, and that they were just as broken as a beggar on the street, if you ain’t got Jesus you ain’t got nothing!”

Some applauded for that. We had fliers with salvation message and they were chasing us down to get them. The Word of the Lord is held in high esteem over there – I had a drunk man approach me and speak Pidgin to me I had no idea what he was saying and the local guys told him I was a missionary. As soon as they told him that he was like sorry sorry and really respectful towards me. Another time in the streets it seemed someone was looking to take our belongings and the entire
crowd were like no it’s their stuff pointing to us, they are very protective of us.  God told me as we were flying in to land in PNG John 4:38

I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

Many missionaries were martyred in that nation, and the power of God is manifest there. We must pray and pay the price to see His Kingdom come in this nation also.

Also whilst there, on the Tuesday in particular, I had this great boldness and I would pray like my voice would go really deep and I would put my mouth close to the injured body part and command pain to go and bind the devil and cast it out,
command healing and body function to return, and the various parts ie the nerves, the blood vessels, the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones etc to LIVE and function in Jesus Name and speak in tongues to it, so loud and like a crazy woman, this was in front of many people, and they were getting healed! The group of us involved in the outreach, we had such unity and acceptance of one another. There wasn’t any like nit picking between us just love and agreement. It made things SO much better. Hallelujah!!! Apparently one woman or person was there and was scrutinizing what was happening, and they just saw person after person healed hahahaha. Thanks be to God. In the photo, the man in the middle next to me, he is Timothy, he is the one who was instantly delivered from drug and alcohol addiction after we lay hands on him and prayed.

There are many Christians there who have paid a high price and lay down their lives in sacrifice to serve that nation. The salvation army couple we met had started many schools including a street school to help the children who couldn’t afford
to attend. They also feed them. We must stop division between us and love one another. We must have unity in Him, and meet one another’s physical needs. The other thing I wanted to say was I would sit on the ground and touch the
affected area, I would throw myself into as humble a place as I could, get yourself low exalt Jesus high, we would lift Him up worship over the people sometimes, the other thing is like when we would pray you could feel the Holy Spirit just cover them, I would actually get drunk in the Holy Spirit and sometimes would shake from His presence, it was just so free so powerful.

The second pic is out the front of the jail. The video is of the man who was healed of 12 years of chronic pain in his legs. Many told us they had paid over 1000kina for treatment with no relief, and they would be healed after two times of laying on of hands!



Nelson Mandela says that ” There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” I couldnt agree more. Most people that know me know about my love for Africa, especially for the children. I believe God gives each of us a portion of his passion for his peoples and nations and it is with that passion that we are to ” go ye”. My trip to Africa on my first missions was the realisation of a dream, my God dream. As i shared at church on Sunday i once heard a preacher say ” If you want to know who you are meant to help in life, whose pain do you feel the most”. I have always known that it was for me, the African child. Satan is stealing the childhood and future away from these beautiful precious children in every possible way. The children of Africa are faced with poverty, disease, abandonment, famine, corruption, war, civil unrest, rebel armies, rape, internal displacement, kidnap, lack of education and opportunity etc. They see so much tragedy and hardship and have to take on adult responsibilities so young. God takes this injustice personally and encourages his body to rise up with a righteous anger and make sure justice is done. I have heard it said that satan challenges us in the area of our greatest potential. I find that encouraging, the reason the children have so many challenges to contend with , have such a sprirtual and natural war waged against them is because they have so much potential. God knows it, the enemy can see it, the people of Africa just need to have a revelation of it. While in Kenya , a very outwardly Christian country, yet with such in -your -face poverty, i struggled to understand why the promises of God are not manifested or realised in the lives of the faithful. I went to God with the question of why. The answer i heard back was that ” my people perish for lack of knowledge,” revelation knowledge. This can be said of the whole body of Christ worldwide. We dont fully comprehend, believe or recieve who we are in Christ. Are we laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover, are wealth and riches in our house, do we lend to many nations and not have to borrow, raising the dead, are signs and wonders following? If not, why not? Dont we need to ask ourselves. The Word of God is truth, God cannot lie , his word wont return to him void and never changes, so the problem is in the receiving. Are there just too many unbelieving believers????

 My trip to Africa has left me angry about the state of the body, what satan is stealing from us, living below our rights and inheritance. If we are to be effective advocates for our hurting brothers and sisters than we have to be empowered ourselves. God is a positive God and no matter what I saw or heard, God kept reminding me to never lose hope. Jeremiah 29:11 and John 10:10 in particular God uses to minister in my life and he reminds me that it will work for the people of Africa the same as it will work for anyone else anywhere else, if we have the faith to believe and recieve. We are to be hopeful and expectant. We have his WORD, blood, Spirit, name and armour. JESUS has given us dominion. Are we taking it and using it. Poverty is under the curse and we have been redeemed of it, that is good news!!!!. If we could just believe it enough to receive it manifested then we could see the body impacted worldwide . God and I have had moments of Holy Spirit giggles together when I have thought about the potential of the people of Africa.

 My dreams for Africa are Big, not small, but that is ok because God is bigger. Amen. I met some inspiring people in Kenya. I spoke about Pastor Lucy and Sammy in church. Pastor Sammys testimony is particularly moving and evidence of how powerful, life changing and far reaching love can be. Because Albert, a stranger stopped him on the street one day, moved with compassion, dared to care like JESUS, Sammys whole future was redeemed. Love never fails. In fact what satan has meant for harm , God can cause for good. The African people are very passionate, this is evidenced in the brutality of the wars, the genocide and violence, inhumanity. If that passion was channelled into Godly pursuits, imagine how transformed the African continent would be, ablazed with the Spirit of the living God. That is how it is meant to be. We need to claim back what is ours and be a radiant bride, heaven on earth realised, his will done. Amen. Teacher Patrick was another inspiring Kenyan man. He lives in a Muslim village in the midle of nowhere. It is not his home, he has chosen to go there. He has received death threats, had other Christian colleagues leave, there are physical and spiritual challenges but he chooses to stay with his young family with the risks. He is evangelising and carrying out the great comission in word and deed. The community know that if their children are enrolled in his school they will be taught Christian subjects. Teacher Patrick is well respected as a teacher in the community and so the children are enrolled. On a walk around the village teacher Patrick would point out people secretly who have converted, the fruit, the harvest is there. Amen. Both Pastor Sammy and teacher Patrick need ongoing finances and support, with projects, buildings unfinished. These are both great men of God that are changing lives and impacting generations with the tangible love and gospel of JESUS Christ. The children praying in the photos were children from Kibera slum. Their father died and their mother doesnt work. The clothes they wore were torn and dirty, their bodies needed bathing, only one child went to school and they had no food, stove , toilet or running water. They live in one room, all on one small thin mattress. When we bought them $10.00 worth of food, they were quick to their knees in prayer. I cant imagine children in Australia living a life of privilege in comparison being so ready to pray. The faith and gratitude of these darling children was very humbling, no wonder JESUS said to let the little children come. The children in Kenya were genuinely excited to have a muzungu (white person) around. They would call out and say hi and smile such big smiles and wave. Some would cheekily approach me and touch my skin and hair and giggle shyly and run away. They were excited and inquisitive, they were a blessing and a joy.

 Kenya has blessed the Waterbrook Church with one of its finest in Pastor Newton. I think we as a church have a wonderful opportunity to honour our Pastor and leave a legacy by reaching out and supporting these other men of God and children in his homeland,Kenya. To give to and sustain the needy is a blessing and opportunity we wont have in heaven. It is a uniquely earthly worship opportunity. What a blessing. Feed his sheep. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. They, our African friends, need us as a body in Australia to be well, nothing missing or broken, so that we can then help them, fully empowered and ruling and reigning with Christ, just as we need them to be. It is our responsiblity , to become Christ like and love what he loves and hate what he hates, to overcome evil with good and ensure justice is done. We need to read the WORD, pray, worship, interceede and love like we have never loved before . As Christ was in this world, so should we be. He said we could do greater. Believe and obey him.

 Maatthew 25:40 Proverbs 31:8-9. Proverbs 19:17. Proverbs 22:9. Isaiah 58:9-11.

Regards, Mama Africa,(Rachel Kennedy)

Thailand Missionaries’ visit

For  sometime we have been praying over skype with our friends who are missionaries in Thailand and last Sunday we were so Honoured to host Simon,Raelene and Mark.Let us continue praying for our brother Simon and his family and the team of Men and women of God ministering in Thailand.

Waterbrook church will be sending a team to Thailand in September by the grace of God.

More photos and newletters on the website.


Happy New year!

Mathew 9:37-38..Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

So excited about 2011.We have declared prophetically that 2011 is a year of HARVEST.The Lord says in Psalm 2:8..Ask me,  and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.Ypu cannot Possess what you do not Pursue so having that in mind we are excited to reach out to the Nations this year and make a difference in the lives of many by the grace of God.

This year we are looking to minister in the countries below:

Philipines,Malaysia,Rwanda,Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Thailand & Burma,India and ofcourse our own community here in Australia.We are looking to partner with local churches,ministries and chaplains in our region to reach out to the schools and the community in Jesus name.

Next month we are looking forward to release “mama Africa”(Rachael) for a month’s missions trip in Africa.She will be visiting orphanages,villages and minister in locala churches in atleast four different nations in East Africa.

Let us also keep praying for Simon,Julie,Samantha and Katie in Thailand.They are doing an amazing work for God in Thailand.Will keep you posted on the progress of the ministry in Thailand.

Ezekiel 16:49..Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.


Waterbrooks gift to Consolacion Family Church

Hi All
Last mission trip to The Phillipines you may remember Waterbrook donated the money to a church for a bus and also to register their name. Attached are pictures of their little bus. They call these vehicles ‘Jeepney’s’. You would be amazed at how many people they fit into these vehicles. The lady at the front of the ‘jeepney’ is Pastor Jessee. They have been praying for this for over 12 years, so you guys from Waterbrook through the provision which God has blessed you with, is the reason that Pastor Jesse’s church now has a vehicle. Glory to God. Was just one of the many places and people we have been visiting.
We are off to Cebu prison tomorrow to preach to the prisoners. I have prepared a sermon on Phillipians 4;1-9. Titled The joy of the Lord, I will bring a word about Paul’s joy in prison and the joy he displayed through all circumstances he faced…..they will either receive it ….or throw knives at me…looking forward to the challenge. All for now, hopefully will bring you some photos of the prison ministry tomorrow. God Bless. Garry


Hi ,
Well, we have been doing a lot of ministering, a lot of praying and a lot of traveling to different communities. The three photos attached are a project Waterbrook may be able to help with (so much need over here). We rowed over to a small island called The Rock. The Rock is a community that has about 50 or 60 people that had no where to live for their families and have slowly settled and formed a small community on this island. The small lady in grey is one of the leaders on the island. Her name is Marie  (a beautiful person). They have no electricity or water, they  row across to the mainland with small containers and buy water for 50 pesos in whatever containers they can find. The only income they have is through selling fish they catch, shells they collect and other seafood like sea cucumbers. They all chip in together and share everything just so they can all survive. On this island it is not about getting ahead in life, it is all about just surviving. They have actually built their own open air chapel and they are wanting to get a teacher to come so as they can school their children. They are such a grateful people. The purpose of giving to these people is not for charity but it is to see the kingdom of God expanded. Any charity can give, but we give for the purpose of seeing fruit in the lives of the poor and homeless.

Waterbrook was a part of history over here on Saturday night. City Gates Church opened their new church plant in a very poor part of Cebu called Mandowe. Pastor Justin thanked Waterbrook for making it possible  to train up the leaders for discipleing in this area and also for church equipment to be able to hold their services every Saturday night. It was truly a humbling experienceto be an ambassador of Waterbrook and a messenger of His Kingdom, and to see how The Lord has moved so quick in their community. There was about 70 to 80 people already in the new congregation that attended.

I have become good friends with many Pastors over here and the invitations to return are numerous. As we make trips in the future, it will be to reach out further into the poor communities and sit with them in the dirt to share the love of Jesus.

Love,  Gary


Hi Friends,
It has been our prayer to be able to minister more in our community as much as we do internationally and by the grace of God last week, Waterbrook Church was given an opportunity to do sausage sizzles at Lawnton State School.It was a priviledge to be given an opportunity by the school principle to feed the over 200 kids,parents and teachers.It was also a great opportunity to meet the are Member of Parliament.A Big thank you to Vineyard Church,Mercy Center,Brackenridge Macdonald,Lawnton State School,Peter Earnshow and the Waterbrook Church Family.Cant wait for more opportunities in the Community.more photos in the church website

Waterbrook Missioners Arrive in Chennai

Hi Family,

Received great news from Mary and the team.They had a day’s stop over in Malaysia and were treated to abit of malaysian food by Caleb and Gideon and had moments to spare for site seeing before embarking on their trip to India.They were recived well by Ps Kevin and Debra in Chennai.Checked in to a nice and warm hotel ready for a rest in preparation for the busy days ahead.Simon Uncle will be joining them in few hours.Looking forward to hearing the testimonies.God Bless you guys

Luke 10:2..He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Pastor N


Hey Friends,

We Bless the Lord for awesome services yesterday.I am still doing pastoral visitations in the homes as i pray and connect with families.The feedback has been amazing so far,and the impact within the church has been powerfull.What a service we had yesterday as we prayed to release the team leaving for India tomorrow.Our Prayers and thoughts will be  with Kaylene,Mary,Dave,Dalcie,Peter and Simon as they minister in India for two weeks.They will be involved in open air crusades,pastors conference,Orphanage and slum ministry.The target cities are Channai,Tenali and Visakhpatman,let us pray for our team of missionary as they fulfill the great commission.

Ezekiel 16:49..Now this is was the sin of your sister Sodom:she and her daughters were arrogant,overfed and unconcerned;they did not help the poor and the needy.

Pastor Newton